Mohammad Reza Mehri

Introduction of Mohammad Reza Mehri, the senior attorney-at-law of the court in Tehran

Studying of Preliminaries Law and jurisprudence and passing training and apprenticeship courses is Features of Mohammad Reza Mehri, who has been working in various positions and situations since 1999. Mohammad Reza Mehri is one of the best lawyers in Iran who, given the fact that he has spent a large part of non-academic courses abroad, as well as full proficiency in international law, is able to provide legal advice and accept the attorneys of Iranian residents abroad, and  also accepts the attorneys from foreigners in Iran. Many foreign companies in Iran and foreign investment applicants in Iran have selected Mohammad Reza Mehri, senior attorney-at-law lawyer of the court in Tehran, as their legal advisor.

Educational background of Mohammad Reza Mehri, a lawyer with a judicial background

  • Obtaining a diploma in elementary education at Tehran Teacher Training College
  • Bachelor of jurisprudence and Islamic law in Tehran University
  • Master Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Master’s Degree in International Trade Law
  • Ph.D. in Criminal & Criminology

Non-academic courses

  • Apprenticeship training course in Tehran Teacher Training
  • Judicial Training Course in Tehran
  • Attendance in Period of virtual crime in Tehran’s Justice District
  • Participate in Tehran Judicial Courts
  • Preliminary and Advanced International Arbitration Courses at the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Background of Mohammadreza Mehri’s Legal Service

  • Legal expert of investment Shahed Company
  • Head of Legal Department of Iran Broadcasting Corporation
  • Legal counsel at Astan Quds Razavi Nan Razavi Company
  • Judge of Justice of Tehran Province
  • Judicial Advisor to the Tehran Dispute Resolution Council
  • Legal counsel for culture and media, actors and athletes
  • Legal counsel and attorney for social security investment companies (Shasta)
  • Legal counsel and lawyer of the Mostazafan Foundation
  • Attorney at the Tehran Court of Justice and legal counsel
  • Founder of Mehr group of lawyers
  • Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Legal and Research
  • Arbitrator of international and domestic contracts
  • Legal counsel and lawyer for foreign investment companies in Iran
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Mehr Lawyers Group

Non-legal Background of Mohammad Reza Mehri, the senior attorney-at-law.

  1. Teaching in elementary schools in Tehran
  2. Teaching in high schools in Tehran
  3. Teaching in Bachelor’s degree at Roodehen Azad University
  4. Teaching in Master’s Degree in International Trade Law at Damghan Azad University
  5. Teaching Immigration Law Courses in Tehran
  6. Holding workshops and training sessions for teachers in Tehran


The field of legal advice and counseling by Mohammad Reza Mehri

  • Acceptance of arbitration in all internal and external contracts and settlement of disputes
  • Accept internal arbitration laws and identify and perform of judgment for foreign arbitration in Iran.
  • Accept requests for revocation of arbitration
  • Accept Iranians abroad
  • Accept foreign lawyers in Iran at the International Court of Justice Office and the International Police
  • Accept legal advice and legal advice of foreign investment applicants in Iran
  • Accept attorney and legal advice of multinational companies in Iran
  • Accept registration of foreign companies in Iran and registration of branches of foreign companies in Iran
  • Accept the lawyers for brand registration and logo registration and set up for startup companies in Iran

Mehr group of lawyers

The law office of Mohammad Reza Mehri, the senior attorney-at-law lawyer with a judicial background, with bringing together the best lawyers of Iran has established a group of lawyers since 2007. Best senior attorney-at-law group, a lawyer specializing in cybercrime, a lawyer specializing in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration in Iran, a specialist lawyer applying for revocation of a judge, a criminal lawyer of Tehran, a Tehran lawyer and a family lawyer, a foreign investment lawyer in Iran, The Iranian lawyer residing abroad is a foreign lawyer in Iran. Mohammad Reza Mehri is one of the best lawyer of Iran and the head of the lawyers’ group of Mehr, for the provision of legal services in Iran and abroad, the cooperation of international lawyers, serves the Iranian and international community.


Attorney’s office of Mohammad Reza Mehri, the senior attorney at law of a Tehran court

To select the lawyer of the base of a law office in Tehran and other cities of Iran, Following up issues  in Tehran International Court of Justice and the Tehran International Court of Justice, selecting a lawyer in other countries, legal counsel for foreign investment in Iran, as well as information on the latest changes in immigration laws and Internationally, call  with the addresses and phone numbers registered on the official website law office of Mohammad Reza Mehri, the senior attorney at law in Iran.The emphasis is on the acceptance of arbitration in domestic contracts, the adjudication of the organization and the acceptance of the lawyers of the Center for the Judiciary of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, the identification and Implementation of foreign arbitration in Iran and mediation in criminal and legal cases,call with the law office of Mohammad Reza Mehri.

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