Registration of Foreign Company Branch in Iran

With the formation of legal personality, the field for the creation of business companies has been provided that the core activities of these companies is the field of business. It is not clear to anyone that the economic interests and needs of individuals are unlimited and unforgettable, therefore, companies may, in addition to being established in their own country, have a market presence for their business activities, In other countries, they want to have a branch and, as a branch of a foreign company in another country, have their own business and market presence as a representative.

The formation of foreign companies in other countries is something, including Iran, welcomes in this regard for economic investment and industry progress. If a foreign country intends to register a branch of a foreign company in Iran, a mutual agreement There is a possibility of cooperation in this regard; but in this regard, what should be accepted as a principle is that the activity of foreign companies in Iran or its branches should not include a score that relates to resources National and important country to be granted to foreigners and foreign nationals. Therefore, there is a limit to the activities of these companies and they can only work in some areas in Iran.

Therefore, when a foreign company wants to expand its business in Iran, it must, in order to do so, comply with the terms and conditions for the establishment of its subsidiary in Iran; as a result, the registration of the branch of the foreign company in Iran will be as the most important first step.

This article discusses the terms and conditions for registration of the Foreign Company Branch in Iran and the scope of the activity of the Foreign Companies Branch in Iran, the Company Registration Law for Foreigners in Iran, Foreign company in Iran, introducing the best consultant for foreign company representation in Iran and the Registration of Representatives, published by the International Law and Justice Taleyat Adalat and Mehr Parsian and the Office of Attorney Dr. Mohammad Reza Mehri.

Questions related to the registration of foreign branch offices:

– Under what conditions is it possible to register and register a branch of a foreign company in Iran?

– What documents are needed to register a branch of a foreign company in Iran?

– What is the registration of a branch of a foreign company in Iran? Who is the best lawyer to register a foreign company in Iran?

– The legal assignments of the applicants for registration of the branch of the foreign company in Iran?

Conditions for the formation and registration of a branch of a foreign company in Iran:

The registration of a foreign branch office in Iran can be affected by several factors, including the existence of a massive demand market, the possibility of better selling their goods, easier and better access to raw materials and specialized labor and cheaper ones, and all of these can be registered with the company’s branch. Foreign provides. The foreign subsidiary is the local unit and the main function of the company that directly executes the duties and issues of the foreign company in another country and is responsible for operating the foreign branch of the company with the main company.

In order to establish a foreign company in Iran, or to allow the registration of a branch of a foreign company in Iran, a representative of the foreign company must act in the legal process for the submission of the documents and representative details of the company by referring to the reference point in Iran.

The conditions for registration a branch of a foreign company as well as a foreign company in Iran are:

– Foreign companies are registered in their respective countries.

Foreign companies are legally recognized.

– Subject to mutual action in the country and Iranian companies in the country foreign companies can also register and establish a company.

– Have activity license.

– Establishing a foreign company or its branch in Iran, in order to grant foreigners permits, in respect of resources and mines, agricultural, industrial, and commercial and services will not to be for foreigners.

A foreign company or its subsidiary, if it is formed, can only operate in one of the following matters:

– Providing post-sales services or foreign company services

– Conduct executive operations of contracts concluded between Iranian and foreign companies

– Investigation of the foreign investment in Iran

– Collaboration with Iranian engineering companies to work in third countries.

– Increased non-oil exports of Iran

– Providing technical and engineering services and transferring technical and technological know-how

– Activities whose licensing is legally licensed by government agencies that are licensed, including topics such as transportation, insurance and commodity inspection, banking, and marketing.

Documents required to register a foreign company branch in Iran

Each representative of a foreign company intending to register a foreign company’s branch in Iran must submit documents for registration of the foreign company’s branch to the General Administration of Enterprise Register and Industrial Property, including:

– Registration in Farsi.

– Verifier of registration of company in Iran.

– Confirmation of the authority of the representative who is the branch manager.

Natural persons of Iran or legal persons who are applying for the registration of a branch of a foreign company in Iran are required to provide the Persian translation of the following documents and information with their written request to the General Register of Companies and Industrial Property:

– Image and copy of the contract of the person’s representation with the foreign company

– Applicant’s identification documents; if the person is real, including a picture of the identity card and full address of the legal residence, and if the person is a legal person, includes the company’s statute and the announcement of the establishment and the latest changes registered with the registration office of the company.

– Provide a record of the activity of the person applying for the registration of the agent, in the field of anticipation in the contract of representation

– Statute of the foreign company from the agent, the announcement and the latest changes registered with the relevant authorities

– Reporting the activities of the foreign company through the agency and explaining the reasons for the need to obtain representation

– The last financial report approved by the foreign company

– Introducing the relevant ministry.

How to register a Foreign Company Branch in Iran

By providing the documents and submitting it to the registration office, the applicant first, by sending a statement to the reference authority, declares that the statement contains the following:

– Full company name

– The type of company from joint stock and collateral, and so on

– The company’s main center and its correct address

– Citizenship of the company

– The amount of the company’s capital on demand date

– At what place and at what date and to which competent authority the applicant company has been registered in accordance with the laws of its own country.

– What type of industrial, commercial or financial company is in Iran?

– Location of foreign subsidiary

– Introduction of the main representative of the company in Iran, as well as the introduction of independent representatives of foreign companies in Iran.

– The name and address of the people who are resident and competent in Iran to receive information.

– The last balance sheet of the company, provided that the current laws or commercial custom of the Country of the company or the company’s own articles of association, have set the balance sheet.

As a result, the registry office will examine the documents and specifications of the applicant for registration of the foreign subsidiary, and if it is complete and unambiguous, as well as after receipt of the administrative costs of registration, the office of the registrar records the items which indicate the factors In the application, and the applicant will submit a foreign company branch registration. Finally, one month after the registration of the branch of the foreign company, the registration office after receipt of the advertisement fee from the branch, includes, for example, a summary of the company’s articles of association, the names of the persons represented in the foreign branch of the company or the right to sign or receive communications They advertise and publish in one of the many current newspapers and the local newspaper where the foreign branch is operating.

Legal assignments of persons applying for foreign branch registration

The relevant representatives, having registered with the foreign subsidiary, must comply with the obligations and duties that the law has entrusted to them in order to be able to continue their business activities:

– The foreign company or the representative of the branch of the foreign company, from the beginning of its commercial and industrial activities, must apply for registration within four months. If he does not have enough time to prepare and submit the necessary documents to the Registry Office, they will give him six months to complete the papers.

– If, within the prescribed period, the foreign company does not register the foreign subsidiary, the court condemns it for a fine, which, if the vote is unanimous, if, within three months from the date of notification, the violation continues, to prevent the continuation of the branch The Company condemns.

– If the license of the branch’s activity is canceled through the judicial authorities, it must, within the prescribed time limit, refer to the registration office for the liquidation and refinement of the company. Also, if the license of the branch is not renewed, the observance of the above is mandatory is.

– After registering a branch of a foreign company, managers are required to submit to the registry office each year the annual report of the parent company, including audited financial reports, provided by independent auditors resident in the country.

– The foreign subsidiary is also committed to presenting a branch balance sheet version every year.

Specialist lawyer for registration of Foreign Company Branch in Iran

The Legal and International Tribunal and Justice Taleyat Adalat and Mehr Parsian, to the management of Dr. Mohammad Reza Mehri, a lawyer at the base of a judiciary, with the help of advisers and lawyers specialized in matters relating to the registration of the Foreign Company Branch in Iran and the legal registration, measures Companies in other countries and advising.

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